**Private Manga-creating Lesson***


I'm teaching manga-drawing privately once a week throughSkype.

Since I have a ten year's carrier in Japanese manga publisher an a manga author and I've taught hundreds of would-be manga artists, so, it would be suitable for manga learners who want to become a professional manga artist.

I can teach verious manga genres.


It cost 21000 yen per month and I think it's not so expensive as a private lessen fee. The period of it is three month but if you like , you can expand it.

The lesson is held once a week and the lesson time is one hour.


In the three month lessons, you are supposed to create 8 pages of your original manga at minimum.( Of cause you can create longer manga if you want.)


There are three steps to create manga and you can experience every one of them.

Whilst creating your original manga, you are taught the basics of "story and character creation", "storyboard-creation(paneling)", and "picture-drawing including characters and backgrounds".

At the same time, you can get some advice about your original manga in every step of  the manga-creation.


Since I'm not a native speaker of English, my English is not perfect. But I think it's possible to make my students understand the contents of the lessons using Skype and textbook-data I have created for the students.

In addition, I'm studying English hard everyday to pass an English proficiency, the highest grade of it, so, my English would be improved.


In spite of the drawback, I'd say it would be a grate chance to be able to learn manga-drawing from a Japanese professional manga artist in English.

Because it's truly rare to meet ones who can speak English to some extent and teach manga-creation. I guess I'm almost the only one who does so in Japan at present.

Additionally, if you come to Japan to study manga at a vocational school(usually it takes two years to graduate from it), it will cost several million yen!


It might be "a chance in a million"!