Step 1 Character Sheet & Plot

There are three steps to create manga. The first step is to create a plot and some character sheets. Character sheets are usually composed of the pictures of the characters and their profiles.


                                                    plot                        character sheet        


                                an actual character sheet


Step 2 "Name"

a name
a name

The second step is  creation of storyboard like thing.

(In Japan, we call it  “a name”. It is used as a technical word and the meaning of the word "name" is different from the original one. I think  the usage is peculiar to Japanese manga industry. )


To create a "name" means to draw manga rather roughly on thin paper by pencil according to the plot and the character charts.

(There are several methods of converting a plot into a "name". If you want to know it in more detail, please check Detailed manga creation 3 "name".)


     an actual name (The size is reduced.)


Step 3 Drawing Pictures

The last step is to draw pictures in earnest. First you draw pictures more neatly than the "name" by pencil on thick paper for comic-drawing, and ink  the rough drawing.
If needed, "screentones" are put.
Screentones are adhesive-backed transparent films with patterns printed on them.



               a sample of detailed sketching by pencil (The size is reduced.)


                 a sample of finished manuscript (The size is reduced.)

Usually titles and letters are typed by editorial departments. Since this sample work is not published, I typed them by myself.


This concludes my brief explanation. If you are interested in manga creation and want to know more, you can go to "Detailed manga creation" sections. Though I cannot explain everything  on  this website, I  tried to put more detailed information about it there.