Attention! Please!


Are you an amateur manga writer who is planning to ask me to collaborate?

Or anime-lovers who want to some jobs related to animation?

If so, please read the following text before you mail me.


Dear Amateur manga writers


Thank you for visiting this page.


I receive many mails from foreign amateur or professional manga writers who ask me to collaborate with, so, if you are one of them, I'd like you to understand the following matters.


*Collaboration fee...Usually, when you ask a professional manga artist or manga author to draw manga on your story, manuscript fee is required.

Generally, a new comer manga artist in big publishers is paid around 12,000 Japanese yen per page when he or she begins a new serious of manga.

Since I'm not a new comer, my price is a little higher than that.

If you are ready for the payment, please ask me my price to see whether it would meet your budget.

*12,000 yen is for one monochrome, paneled page of manga consists of multiple pages.


(If you want to order an illustration, which is monochrome or colored and no panels, the fee is different depending on the content of the illustration. So, I'd like you to ask me the fee by letting me know the information about the illustration.)



 * to make a debut in Japan as a manga writer(or a manga author)


Even if you collaborate with professional manga artist, the manga cannot be accepted by the publishers automatically. In general, you need to submit the manga to manga prizes held by publishers and need to win the prizes to make your debut.

The information of the prizes is placed on the publishers' websites.

(I'm sorry to say, in many cases, there aren't  English version pages of such information.)


Once a while, there are some prizes specialized for amateur manga writers and you can submit your works to them. The information of these prizes are also on the publishers' website. In many cases, they are held with the manga prizes.


But of cause you need to submit works written in Japanese.

Almost all Japanese are no good at English, therefore, you need to read and write Japanese or you need to have somebody to help you in Japanese.

That's all, thank you.



Dear animation lovers who want to get jobs related to animation in Japan


A manga author like me is not an animator and the two genres are different, therefore, I don't have any special knowledge nor connection with Japanese animation industry.


All I know is that there is an anime-story competition held by some anime company and if you win the prize, your story will be converted into animation by the anime company.


its website


the prize


There are not many animation prizes in Japan, at present, it's might be the only one.


In Japan, almost all Japanese are no good at English, so, when you submit your work, it should be in Japanese.

You might be able to  find Japanese friends who help you to submit your work in such a free website as follows.

It seems that many Japanese want to be a friend with a English speaking person in such a language learning website.


I hope you'll find nice friends and somebody will help you to submit your work to the prize.

If you can hire a professional translator, it would be the best, though.


 If you want to be an animation picture drawer or an animation character designer, the only way I know is to attend one of the  vocational  schools of animation in Japan to get the job.


I wish you good luck!